How to Have a Successful ‘Sip and See’ Post-Baby Party

Post-Baby Party
Post-Baby Party
 Post-Baby Party
Post-Baby Party

In this crazy and unexpected year, parents everywhere are celebrating the birth of their newborns in a whole new way. While baby showers are a popular tradition, more moms and dads are instead opting for so-called “sip-and-see” baby parties.

This is the ideal solution for parents who want to introduce their newest family member to adoring friends and family — but at a safe distance to remain vigilant about obeying all COVID-19 health protocols.

For those considering a sip-and-see baby party, here are a few simple rules to make the day a success:

Wait Until the Baby is Born

Pregnancy, childbirth, recovery, and routines can be unpredictable. For these reasons alone, wait until your baby is born before setting a date for your get-together. This also gives you the opportunity to include your newborn child’s photo, name, date of birth, and birth weight on the invitation. A common time to host this event is at three months, as some parents choose to wait until their baby has been immunized. Plus, it gives you a chance to get settled and learn to predict the needs of your little one.

Send Out Official Invitations

Think sending out a birth announcement and then a sip-and-see invitation is a bit overkill? Then why not combine them in one? Make your birth announcements special and unique by choosing from a range of customizable templates online that pay homage to your newborn and give guests an idea of what to expect at the sip-and-see baby party.

Plus, when you send your birth announcement/sip-and-see invitation, guests will have a keepsake they can display proudly on their refrigerator. Due to the ongoing pandemic, be sure to include any rules about wearing facemasks and social distancing. You can also include information about your baby gift registry or declare this is a “no-gift get-together.” The choice is yours.

Keep it Small and Intimate

Because young children can get easily overstimulated, it’s best to keep your sip-and-see party small and intimate with a close group of family and friends. A two-hour party will give you enough time to catch up and show off your new bundle of joy, without leaving you exhausted. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. For instance, have your mother-in-law help serve food, your dad tidy up the garden, and your mom care for any other children.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t overstress about any fine details. As new parents, it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourselves; after all, this party should be a fun way to celebrate your baby boy or girl and spend time with those you hold dear. The location of your party should depend on comfort and proximity.

Hosting something at home means no travel is involved and you’ll have everything you need for your baby. Alternatively, a friend or family member may like to host the event for you, meaning all you need to do is show up. Remember, your guests won’t be expecting big decorations, a three-course meal or cocktails, and will instead be happy with a few hors d’oeuvres, small plates, and your company.

The Sip-and-See Baby Party

Sip-and-see baby parties are becoming more popular, and you may even know someone who has hosted such a shindig. If you’re considering introducing your newborn in this unique manner, keep things simple.

Wait until you’ve had enough time to settle back at home and perhaps send out official invitations with your child’s birth announcement. Keep it small with a limited guest list and make it easy for yourself by providing easy-to-prepare snacks and drinks.

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