Zach Shallcross Had To Goodbye To Someone

zach shallcross

Choosing from four incredible women has always been hard for Zach Shallcross. He has been spending time with all the women he has liked so far. As per the rule of Bachelor, he had to like someone less. He had to let her go. It was probably the hardest decision he had made. He hasn’t been feeling well since the morning of breaking a heart.

Zach Shallcross Visited Homes

He has visited Gabi, Ariel, charity, and Kaity’s home. Zach Shallcross has been trying hard to find his forever since forever. He has been visiting families to know those girls better. Zach Shallcross’s own words home may be where the heart is. Some of the families he met didn’t make him feel welcome at all.

Shallcross visited their hometown to know them better. He has done all the work to mix with the families. Tasted a few of their traditions. He was probably overwhelmed with everything. Sometimes Zach Shallcross broke the heart of the woman by not identifying the original maple syrup. Sometimes they broke his heart by not meeting his expectation.

Shallcross slipped a few times while getting too comfortable with the families. He has proved to be the best man around. Zach Shallcross tried to win everyone’s family with a different approach towards them. Clearly, he was enjoying and moved by their stories. He will end up giving his entire heart to the person. Further, he added how great a cook he is.

Everyone’s family is concerned about their daughter’s future. Every parent came with the nearly same question why would he choose you over anyone? Lastly, Zach Shallcross had to make the hardest decision of not choosing Charity. It broke her heart.