How to Restore Old Damaged Photos

Restore Old Damaged Photos
Restore Old Damaged Photos

Would you like to surprise your grandparents by restoring their old Damaged Photos ? 

Or, shower your parents with love by reminding them of their childhood. 

You can bring a smile to anyone’s face by reminding them of the old and happy days. One way to do it is by opening the family album. 

However, unlike today’s digital pictures, old photos have a paper print. Therefore, it damages over time. The older the image is, the more damage it usually has. 

Luckily, we have some great tools at our disposal that can help us restore the old and damaged photos. 

We are going to talk about one such tool, i.e., Movavi Picverse Photo Editor. The AI-powered software can do magic on your photos. 

So, without any further ado, let’s see how that works. 

What is Movavi Picverse Photo Editor? 

Movavi Picverse, formerly known as Movavi Photo Editor, is an AI-powered image editing tool. Unlike Photoshop, it is pretty straightforward to use, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners.  

The user interface is sleek and easy to understand. There are many quirky features like object removal, portrait retouching, change background, effects, and much more. There are in-built short tutorials as well to kickstart you with the editing. 

Movavi Picverse is available for both Windows and the macOS platform.  

How to Restore Old Photographs Using Movavi Picverse Editor 

There isn’t much manual work when restoring an old photograph in Movavi Picverse. Artificial intelligence takes care of most of the work. Still, there are a few more steps you might need to make your picture perfect. 

Firstly, install the Movavi Picverse photo editor on your system. After successful installation, the program will ask you to import the image you want to edit. Follow the below steps to restore your old photo. 

1. Drag and drop the desired image in Movavi Picverse. Alternatively, you can also browse for the image from the program itself. 

2. Click on the first option, i.e., “Adjust,” from the right panel on your screen. 

3. Look for “AI Adjust” and click on the drop-down button beside it. 

4. Select “Colorize” if you want to color the photo. This is optional. 

5. Finally, click on the “Restore” button and let the AI do its job. 

How to Restore Old Damaged Photos 3

You can successfully restore the old and damaged photograph in the best way possible through AI. Surprisingly, the whole step would take you hardly 2 minutes after installation. 

If you still find the picture noisy, use the denoise feature to detect and remove excess noise from the image automatically. 

Later, you can use the “Smart eraser” tool to remove any patches ignored by the AI. If the smart eraser tool isn’t working, I suggest using the stamp tool.  

The “Stamp tool” let you replace one part of the image with another region. Therefore, you can replace the patches on skin with smooth skin or replace the damaged part from clothes.  

Finally, save the photo in the desired format.  

How to Restore Old Damaged Photos 4

Is Photo Restoration a Simple Task 

As we mentioned above, you hardly have to do manual work while restoring your damaged photographs. However, there is a catch while using an AI-based tool. It has its limitations. But, anyone from age 8-80 can restore the photo using Movavi Picverse. 

However, the tool only works for mildly damaged photographs. If your image is damaged on a higher level, you might need some professionals to do this task for you.  

Luckily, many online services help you recover damaged photographs. My personal favorite is  FixThePhoto . This award-winning site excels in numerous photo editing arenas. Portrait retouching, jewelry retouching, product editing are a few of many services you can benefit from. 

The cost for recovering your old photo lies in-between 25-50 USD.  

Bottom Line 

Photo restoration is a cutting-edge art helping people recover their old memories. We discussed how you could use an AI-based program to clean damaged photographs.  

Meanwhile, you can also benefit from online services for a reasonable amount of money. The professionals do their job excellently. 

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