Hurricane Isaias dumps heavy rain on Bahamas, continues to track toward North Carolina

north carolina hurricane
north carolina hurricane

The Tropical storm known as Isaias has officially stormed into the category of a Category One Hurricane. This hurricane is slowly moving towards the US East Coast, especially North Carolina. On Friday morning, the hurricane seemed to be moving towards the Turks and Caicos, bringing heavy shower on the Bahamas. According to major reports, places like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other such Caribbean nations might have recurring mudslides and flash floods.

The Hurrican Isaias is moving at a speed of 17 mph, with winds blowing steadily at 80 mph. It is expected to brush against the states of Florida and Georgia, and maybe the Carolina coast in the next week. Thursday saw close to 400,000 Peurto Ricans lose their electricity, and by Friday morning the storm seemed to be 15 miles off the Great Inagua Island.

Although there is quite a distance to cover, it is expected that the hurricane would at least bring with itself rains to certain parts of Carolina. The civic authorities have already alerted the coasts of a possible high risk rip current going into effect which would stretch from the Hatteras all the way to the beach. And with the storm moving north, the threat will elevate.


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