Trump says Coronavirus stimulus checks, direct payments may be more than $1,200

President Trump – in a surprising turn of events – stated in an interview with ABC affiliate KMID, that he wanted to be very “generous” with the next stimulus package and that the payments could go above $1200.The amount is higher than what the Democrats and Republicans have proposed in their bills. 

However, he did not elaborate on how and when it will be implemented.

For the past few days, the Republicans and the Democrats have been involved in an ongoing debate as to what will be the provisions of the new Covid-19 Relief Package. There has been no progress whatsoever. This is in response to the recent expiration of the $600 a week federal unemployment benefits along with the expiration of the federal moratorium on evictions.

The Republicans had released a stimulus package on Monday which proposed payments of $1200 per person for those with an income of up to $75,000. The Democrats had also passed legislation in May that included $1,200 in direct payments, with a similar structure to the bill that was implemented in March.

Schumer and Pelosi are pushing for an increase of $600 unemployment benefits. Republicans now have proposed for $200/week, transitioning into 70% of a person’s salary in October.

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