Congressional Baseball Game: Biden Booed By Republicans

Fantasy Baseball
Fantasy Baseball

President Biden had to face jeers from the Republican Party of the crowd even as he paid a surprise visit at a Congressional baseball game. It signaled a period of heightened tension between the President and the opposition.

The President was attending a congressional baseball game in Washington. Lawmakers continue to quibble of his $4.7T infrastructure and social spending agenda. Progressive Democrats consider the plan crucial. But strong opposition from Republicans and even moderate Democrats concerned about the proposed hike in business tax has stopped Biden from making any headway.

In online footage of the Congressional baseball game, people attending can be heard jeering as the President made his way into the stadium. He handed out chocolate ice cream bars affixed with his signature presidential seal.

President Biden was seen huddled with Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, in the Democratic dugout before he headed out into the field to exchange pleasantries with the GOP team. The Democratic Party of the Nationals Park expressed their support and chanted ‘Build Back Better,’ while the Republicans replied with ‘Joe Sucks.’

Congressional Baseball Game Visit Comes As Tension Within Democrats Over Bills Grow

Even as the President chatted with Democratic members at the Congressional baseball game, Nancy Pelosi could be seen having an animated phone call as she sat in the front row. President Biden remained in the park for about an hour to attend the Presidential baseball game.

The House Speaker has scheduled the vote on legislation this Thursday. This is in defiance of the wishes of left-leaning members of the conference. They want the social spending bill worth $3.5T to move first through both chambers.

But several lawmakers from either side indicated that the infra bill might not come to a House vote as had been scheduled. It would mean a temporary triumph for the progressive wing of the Democrats.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has termed the $3.5T bill as ‘fiscal insanity’ and said he wouldn’t support the bill. That would leave the Senate divided equally at 50-50, and would end Democratic hopes of pushing through the plan.