Ilhan Omar Denies Allegations Of Race Theory Being Taught

Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar

Representative Ilhan Omar put a rest to allegations that state that critical race theory was being taught in schools. The allegation comes up as the GOP has been pushing to ban this theory- which examines the concept of systematic racism in the country. In a tweet, the Democratic Representative from Minnesota stated that it was the Republicans who loved to create outrage over trivial things that didn’t exist. She further stated that the citizens should be asking which schools were actually teaching this theory in schools. 

Ilhan Omar- Critical Race Theory Has No Place In Education

The comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar come just a day after Rep. Glenn Grothman– the Republican Representative from Wisconsin brought out a bill before Congress. Incidentally, the bill spoke about banning all the public schools in the national capital from teaching this controversial topic. This bill- which saw the light of the day on the first Juneteenth holiday- is just one of the first of legislative pushes that would ban the teaching of critical race theory in universities and public schools. 

Most people who support the bill believe that such a theory requires a large discussion about how racism is a social construct- rather than something that came out of individual bias. But the opponents of such a bill believe that the core concept doesn’t really highlight how historical policies have led to a further division of the races. Ilhan Omar’s ideas on such a notion haven’t been sought yet. Grothman further stated that teaching critical race theory to children would lead to them hating and judging each other based on the color of their skin.

As stated by Rep. Ilhan Omar, it isn’t exactly clear how many schools in the national capital actually teach critical race theory. Rather, most of the allegations come from parents concerned regarding the assignments that their children are assigned.