Tracy Chapman Won Her Lawsuit Against Star Nicki Minaj

Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman, singer-songwriter, has managed to win her lawsuit against Nicki Minaj, a hip-hop star regarding Chapman’s claims of taking her work by Minaj without permission. On Thursday, according to the filed documents in the federal District Central Court of California, Chapman agreed to Nicki’s offer as a form of judgment for this case.

Tracy Chapman will get $450,000 from Nicki Minaj. Therefore, both of them have successfully avoided trial. In October 2018, Chapman filed a lawsuit alleging that a song of Minaj called “Sorry” which was a joint work with Nas, has used the vocal melody and lyrics of a song by Chapman that came out in 1998 and used the same lyrics. According to the suit filed by Chapman, the team of Minaj formally requested the song of Chapman during July 2018. Minaj intended to interpolate Chapman’s songs that are re-recording the lyrics and melody of Chapman’s song.

Tracy Chapman Was Already Reluctant Of Giving Minaj’s Song The Clearance

Tracy believes that Nicki already recorded the song even before her clearance request. In her lawsuit, Tracy Chapman said that the representatives of Minaj were already aware of Chapman’s reluctance to give the go-ahead for the arrangement before sending their formal request. During June’s end, DMG, a clearance music company sent the representatives of Chapman a note in which they mentioned that one list artist demands to interpolate her song and ASKED Chapman whether she was on the unofficial no interpolation or sampling list.

In her tweet of 2018 July, Minaj posted that she was clueless regarding the fact that one of her songs used Chapman, the legend’s work. She also asked Chapman to issue the clearance via a tweet. Finally, the song “Sorry” didn’t get into the album “Queen” by Minaj. The song of Minaj however got leaked both in New York by DJ Funkmaster and onto the radio channel HOT 97 and online.