Nina Simone’s Family Brings Up Feud With Kamala Harris

nina simone
nina simone

Nina Simone’s immediate family has claimed that her estate has been snatched away by the current Vice President of the USA- Kamala Harris. They have further claimed that they are not going to stay silent any longer- and blame has been placed where it is due. 

Nina Simone and Her Family Have A Vendetta Against Kamala Harris

The entire debacle started last Friday, when ReAnna Simone Kelly, the granddaughter of Nina Simone, praised Chloe Bailey’s cover of “Feeling Good”- one of the most iconic songs of the late singer.  In fact, she defended the cover, stating that although several were coming at the singer for daring to cover such a famous song, her grandmother would have loved it. 

While this seemed pretty normal, what stirred the cauldron was a tweet that questioned why the family estate was about to make a Twitter account for the singer almost two decades after her death. And this led to her clearing the air. She mentioned that her family had no control over the estate anymore. She had further grievances where she stated that their estate was given to white families without any royalty provided to them. And in the end, she snarkily stated that Kamala Harris would be the best person to be asked as to why she came for their family. 

Kamala Harris’s strife with Nina Simone and her family go all the way back to 2013 when Harris was the Attorney General for California. After the death of the singer, Kelly had been made the administrator of the entire estate along with the founder of a charitable trust that the late singer had helped establish. But in 2013, Kelly was accused of going against her fiduciary duty- whilst draining close to $2 million from the coffers- according to information reviewed by The Daily Beast. 

Kamala Harris was the overseer for the case and came hard on the daughter of Nina Simone. Initially, she had planned to surcharge almost $6 million from the accused but later came to an agreement where Kelly was absolved of her rights as an estate administrator.

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