Important Web Design Elements to Focus On

How visitors perceive and interact with your website can make or break viewer retention or even how much you sell. User experience is one of the most important aspects of web design, but there are other valuable components of graphic design you can bring to your website.

The Value of White Space

Many web design companies insist on the value of white space, and how it can lead the eye to what you want your users to see. Also called “empty space,” these margins between text and pictures make a nice buffer between your copy. Design your website with ample white space for a clean design, but also to make the content easily organized and digestible. Blank space will also help your readers navigate each section of your site with ease.

Zone in on Calls-to-Actions

The whole point of getting people to your website is to sell, so make sure your call-to-actions are easy to find and visually appealing. Modern web design will pull people into your content based on the colors and position of the content on the page; thus, you need to find a way to connect to your viewers using these tactics. If your blog posts are already giving your viewers value, position email subscription forms, ebooks, or free products at the bottom of the page. This way, they’re more likely to opt-in rather than from a random pop-up.

Clean Backend Coding

Visually minded graphic artists sometimes miss the value of clean backend code, but it can help you upgrade your website once your old design becomes outdated. As soon as you learn graphic design, you may notice that you need to do more coding than initially thought – so know how to do it correctly! Coding properly also helps your website run faster because it doesn’t need to run multiple lines of useless code. Don’t have a cluttered back end – clean it up so issues are easier to locate, or so you can pass the website to another designer easier.

Boosting SEO for Google Analytics

SEO matters more than new bloggers like to think. After all, how are you going to get people to view your content if they can’t find it? WordPress has a free extension called YoastSEO that can help you optimize your blog posts, but what about the website in general? Heading tags, title tags, meta tags, and HTML coding can go a long way to determine whether or not your website ranks of Google’s search engine. Optimize these elements frequently, so your site remains relevant through various algorithm updates.

Cohesive Card Design Elements

Being eye-catching is really important to attract others to your website. Your blog posts are usually how your viewers find your content, so it’s important to latch onto those eyeballs as soon as possible. Card designs are helpful because they group text together while using colorful imagery to bring the viewer in. Websites like Help Scout adds cards throughout their website to create grid designs that are clickable and attractive. Utilizing cards can help clean up your web design, and keep user experience your top priority.

The best aspects of web design put the user first. Don’t put ranking above user experience, because you may lose your valued supporters in the process. Besides, Google knows what they’re doing: they understand that users come back to websites with great value.

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