Income Tax Filers Could Receive A Surprise Stimulus Check Of $1,400

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

US Citizens filing their income tax returns for 2021 before the April 18 deadline could be in for a pleasant surprise from the authorities. Recent graduates from schools in 2020, and parents who welcomed home a child in 2021, could get a stimulus check of $1,400.

This stimulus check can be claimed by filing a recovery rebate credit along with the income tax returns. The RRC is for those who missed out on their stimulus check in 2020 or 2021 and can claim it through this facility. To claim the amount, you have to provide the amount that you received in total from the authorities.

Relief Stimulus Checks For Students And New Parents

Citizens who welcomed a baby home in 2021 had no way of informing the tax authorities about it as the information was mostly not included in the 2020 income tax returns filed in 2021. Parents of children who were adopted last year will also qualify for this relief.

New parents will also get the full benefit of the Child Tax Credit stimulus check, which will be worth as much as $3,600 in total. Most parents received half that amount in 6 equal installments between July and December 2021. A family of 4 might also qualify for as much as $5,600 through the Child Tax Credit.

College students who graduated recently and also live independently can claim a stimulus check. But they must qualify for the income requirements for claiming this payment. This check is only for students of high schools who haven’t attended college. Students who were dependent in 2020, though not in 2021, also qualify.

Full-time students for more than 4 months and a day in 2021 are considered dependent in the 2021 tax year technically. But if they have been claimed as a dependent against another person’s income tax return, they cannot benefit from the offer and cannot avail of the recovery rebate credit.

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