Greg Abbott Diagnosed With Covid

Voting Restriction
Voting Restriction

Greg Abbott has been diagnosed with covid-19. He is the Governor of Texas. A report stated that Abbott suffered from certain symptoms. He got suspicious and asked to be examined. Thankfully, the governor has been vaccinated with both doses. Greg Abbott is currently serving quarantine at his mansion. The governor is undergoing the necessary treatments. Abbott is said to have shown no signs of deterioration and is currently in fine health. 

Greg Abbott Down With COVID-19

Abbott is a member of the Republican party. He has been unfortunately diagnosed with the dreaded coronavirus. He came in contact with several of his co-workers. All of them have been notified and have been instructed to get themselves tested as well. 

Cecilia Abbot is the wife and the first citizen of Texas. Despite living near Abbott, her tests have shown a negative result. Greg appeared for an event at the Republican Club on Monday. Texas seems to have been the worst hit state by the pandemic. Many political personalities found positive with the disease be from Texas. 

However, Abbott’s covid policies have long been criticized. He opposed following all the safety measures related to covid. Greg asked his residents to operate businesses with a hundred percent capacity. He also made wearing masks optional. The governor believed that masks were not required to fight against covid. Greg Abbott even made wearing masks inside school premises optional. 

Greg Abbott stated the need for the businesses to open. He wanted to support the locals and thus lifted the covid measures. However, his clarification did not stop people from attacking his policies. Texas has seen a significant surge in covid cases.  The state reported 11,791 patients with the number of Critical Care Beds to a mere 327. Texas tops the number of children affected by covid with 239 cases. 

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