Sarasota County Defies DeSantis On His Ban On School Masks!

Sarasota County
Sarasota County

On Friday, the school officials of Sarasota County voted in favor of enacting a mask mandate of ninety days for staff and students. Sarasota County is a Republican-leaning county in Florida. This decision taken by the school officials defies the executive order released by Ron DeSantis, GOP Gov. that is against such requirements. The vote stood at 3-2. 

The Sarasota County School Board Becomes The Sixth County To Defy Ron’s Executive Order!

The School Board of Sarasota County became the 6th district inside the state of Florida to require their staff and students to wear masks. In this emergency meeting, this school board declared that this mandate will only be lifted after the positivity rate of the country falls below eight percent for 3 consecutive days. The board also added that this mandate will get restored after the positivity rate of the state rises over ten percent. According to the Coronavirus tracking page of the NY Times, the average positivity rate of the county stands at a whopping eighteen percent. 

At this emergency meeting of the Sarasota County School Board, scores of residents and parents protested the decision. They stated that they were mad and disgusted over the actions taken by the school board. This is according to the news released by Politico. Jane Goodwin, Sarasota County School Board member, expressed that they had to take severe action due to the rise in cases across the state and the county.

This rise has been reported due to the massive spread and infection of the Delta variant. Jane Goodwill said that this was the best possible decision for all of the residents and parents of Sarasota County. She fears that if this decision was not taken, they would have paid dearly in the future!