Infrastructure Bill GOP Resistance Is Getting Stronger

Infrastructure Bills
Infrastructure Bills

Republicans in the House might be facing extra pressure regarding their vote for the planned bipartisan infrastructure bill. Conservatives and outside groups have already begun campaigning against the package worth $1.2Tn.

The Infrastructure Bill Raises Concerns In The Treasury

Last month, the Senate’s dynamic when the infrastructure bill was passed was not at all how it is like now for the House. Back then, Mitch McConnell, the leader of the minority, and 18 other Republicans had voted for passing the legislation.

However, if they were to do the same later in September, it can have greater negative consequences politically. Donald Trump, the former President, still enjoys unrivaled popularity among the GOP, has urged his party colleagues to say no to the bill. Members of two big conservative groups have already threatened to raise their voice against the GOP colleagues voting “yes”.

Marjorie Taylor Green, the Republican representative from Georgia, said that GOP lawmakers who support the infrastructure bill should never be allowed to vote again. She has also threatened that she will campaign against colleagues who are “weak” enough to support the package.

Chip Roy, the representative for Texas, voiced his agreement and called it “absurd” that 19 Republicans in the Senate had agreed with the bill. Kevin McCarthy, the no. 1 Republican and the Leader of the Minority in the House, had also made his opposition to the infrastructure bill clear. He has even possibly predicted an attempt to down the bill. In a recent interview, McCarthy said that he could not back the bill’s current form and that he is greatly frustrated with it.  

However, aides and members are uncertain as of yet as to how many members of the Republican Party will vote to support the bill, or how big the fight will be.