Chantia Lewis, Democratic Milwaukee Alderman, Charged With Fraud, Theft

chantia lewis
chantia lewis

On Tuesday, Milwaukee City Council’s member, a minister, and a US Senate Democratic Candidate, Chantia Lewis, was charged with 4 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. She allegedly stole a minimum of $21,000 from the funds for her campaign and then lying about the theft.

Massive Charges Against Democratic Chantia Lewis

The office of the District Attorney of Milwaukee County filed the charges against Chantia Lewis. In 2016. Chantia had won the election for a spot on the city council of Milwaukee. In July, she had stated her decision to run for the Senate. On 29th September, Lewis has been asked to be present at the court.

There were no immediate statements from Chantia Lewis regarding the charges. A spokeswoman for the campaign did not reply immediately to any messages asking for comments either.

There are 11 candidates from the Democratic Party who are currently aiming for the Senate seat, including Chantia Lewis. Currently, Ron Johnson, the US Republican Senator, holds the seat.

The filed lawsuit states that false finance reports for her City Council campaign were filed by Lewis. Campaign funds were deposited into her bank account. She also used the money for the campaign to fund personal expenses.

41-year-old Lewis has also allegedly claimed false travel reimbursements while working in the city. She had actually spent her campaign fund on those expenses, according to the complaint. Finally, the complaint stated that Chantia Lewis defrauded Milwaukee City as well as her campaign out of a minimum of $21,666.

She also had felony charges leveled against her for misconduct while she was in office from 2016 to 2020. The other felonies include intentionally filing a false report for her campaign, embezzlement of over $10k, and intentionally and unlawfully distributing campaign money. The embezzlement has a maximum punishment of a jail time of 10 years and a $25k fine.

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