Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Boosted By 11 Senators Of The GOP

infrastructure plan
infrastructure plan

Eleven senators from the Republican Party are supporting Biden’s framework for a bipartisan infrastructure plan. This would bring enough support for any potential bills to be passed, provided all the Democrats who are skeptical decide to support it as well.

The Ground Is Almost Ready For The Infrastructure Plan

On Wednesday, GOP and Democratic Senators endorsed the infrastructure plan worth about $1Tn. The plan would not increase the taxes for wealthy individuals or corporations. It would also revamp water, transportation, and broadband services. However, it excludes several Democrats’ demands for investments in social programs and clean energy.

In the statement, the senators explained that they are looking forward to making legislations based on the infrastructure plan to address critical challenges in the sector for America. The proposal is the final sustained effort for making the deal bipartisan. If it fails, Democrats will try to pass the bill by themselves. A bipartisan group, smaller in size, consisting of ten senators has tried winning support in the US Capitol. However, the congressional leaders or White House are yet to give them their blessings.

Some liberal senators, however, are currently strongly against the proposed infrastructure plan. They claim that the bill does not have enough provisions on income inequality or climate change. If a single Democrat votes against it, the bill would need over ten Republicans to support it.

There have been suggestions from the Democrats that Republicans might give their support if they are promised a future resolution of their priorities. Democrats can then take the help of budget reconciliation for more investments in health care, education, green energy, and elder and child care by themselves. Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate Majority, added that they will begin drafting a resolution for the budget on Wednesday irrespective of the status of infrastructure plans.

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