Infrastructure Plan To Remain At The Heart Of Biden’s Policy

Infastructure Plan
Joe Biden

President Biden is set to reveal his government’s much-vaunted American infrastructure plan that remains at the heart of his policies. It is unreserved in its scope and remains at the core of his plans to revive the economy. The infrastructure plan was merely a policy on paper under Trump.

Under Biden infrastructure has always been more than repairing America’s terrible roads, bridges, railroads, and airports that are much behind the quality of infrastructure of many developing countries.

This program is a strong indication that he has had the sagacity to realize that fate, present political situations, and changes in public view have given him a golden opportunity to realize his long-standing political ambition to do something for the betterment of the American workforce.

The Infrastructure Plan Is More Than Just Restructuring 

President Biden’s $1.9T COVID-19 relief plan, along with his effort towards building the infrastructure and planned jobs bill has a grand common purpose, though they all deal with specific policy issues.

They are at the core of President Biden’s efforts to bring about a total revamp of the complete US economy. There have already been all-around praise for his Covid rescue plan from diverse experts and independent analysts. Progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders have hailed it as the main noteworthy effort to raise millions of Workers in America out of chronic scarcity for the first time in decades.

So the roads, railways, and bridges are going to be built. But President Biden’s vision is more into the revitalization of labor laws, a growth that speaks about equal share in a growing GDP, universal access to free health-care, parity for women in wages, green energy, and access to improved child care across all sectors.

At the Democratic National Convention in August, he spoke about an economic plan that has at its core issues such as jobs, respect for all, and the upliftment of the community. This was in a nutshell his central philosophy.

The Infrastructure Plan Has A Roadmap 

Infrastructure Plan
Infrastructure Plan

The jobs and infrastructure plans are but pointers towards his desire to overhaul the economy and the financial system that has only made the rich richer, but has left the workers in the same situation they were then.

The first part of President Biden’s infrastructure plan is to invest big in the core sectors such as manufacturing, R&D, transport infrastructure, and the climate.

The second focus will be on child care, health care, education, and compensated family leave. These are essential issues for every American worker.

Biden Unfolds His Vision Against A Blue-Collar Backdrop

The President unfolded his infrastructure plan against a backdrop where he has always felt at home, a turf of blue-collar workers dominated by labor unions. It is from this place, Pittsburgh that President Biden launched his dream run-up to the U.S Presidency. This city is already on its way to becoming an infrastructural showcase for the remainder of the country. It has as its nucleus modern factories and industries, a far cry from being a bleak apocalyptic vision of a post-industrial world.

The president is also personally attached to the city. He is a native-born Pennsylvanian. This is from where he again started in 2015 after losing his son Beau to cancer.

Biden is passionate in his wish to fight for the right of workers who have been denied their rightful place by successive administrations despite their immense contributions.

He pointed out that there never had been a level playing field and he endeavors to address this core issue that propelled him to the White House.

Changes In Political Developments Gives Hope

Perceptible changes in the political scene have made the infrastructure plan possible. This wasn’t the picture in the not too distant future. He is hopeful of getting the support of even Republicans, which will be crucial for his plans to succeed. But there will be opposition to his plans to raise corporate taxes to fund part of his plan.

The pandemic and perceptible changes in the political mindset might make the impossible, possible. He has started brilliantly by pushing through his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan that has targeted the lowest rungs of American society.

Republican support was never forthcoming but was applauded even by traditional GOP supporters. It showed the willingness of the government in tackling headlong the worst economic crisis to hit the U.S. after the Second World War.

The Infrastructure Plan Was An Unusual Move 

Infrastructure Plan
Infrastructure Plan

Even some Democrats had wished for President Biden to deal with more ‘relevant’ issues like climate change, gun control, and pressing for reforms in the voting process that allowed blatant Republican interference in the election process.

But President Biden seems to realize that the time is just right for a major overhaul of the infrastructure plan and is expected to be broadly popular across the political spectrum, at least among the supporters. And political timing is something that President Biden holds close to his political strategy. His timing has been just right for reform of the infrastructure plan.

President Biden’s efforts towards making his $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan a success might get his support from the unlikeliest person, the former president, Trump.

Any comparison with the former president will only show the President in a favorable light. Ex-President Trump’s disastrous handling of the pandemic led to the terrible impact it had on the economy. He weakened his party making Biden’s task all the easier.

Trump failed miserably in upholding the conservative adherence to slow down deficits and that helped mute the Republican camp’s attack aimed at high-spending Democratic policies. This won his support from a section of traditional Republican voters who were more than happy to see the government address their issues.

It is for the first time since Roosevelt and Johnson has a President has put his foot down for competitive government involvement to help the poor American.

Even the middle-of-the-road policies of President Clinton seem outdated. President Obama too did not push through post-the Great Recession. And President Biden speaks the language of the common American who has watched in anger and frustration as they had been short-changed by the wealth and might of Wall Street while they toiled for generation at low wages to only make them richer. For Biden the American economy takes precedence over calls for ‘globalization’ and talks of ‘fair-trade.’ His polity is more about ‘Americans first,’ than ‘America first.’

Biden has chosen an administration that will back to the hilt of his infrastructure plan. He has made clear that he was elected to focus on issues facing the blue-collared American. He has an uphill task ahead, but the core significance of his infrastructure plan will ensure its success.