General Mark Milley Champions Democracy In His Farewell Address

Mark Milley

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley gave a vigorous speech in defense of democracy as he ended his 4 years at the post. It was 4 years of often tumultuous developments, and the General took some direct digs at Donald Trump at a crowded program on Friday.

Without naming Trump, General Mark Milley thundered that the military had sworn to protect the US Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies. Continuing in the same vein, the general continued that the men and women serving the US military swear allegiance to the Constitution, to the idea that is America, and not to any king, queen, tyrant, or ‘wannabe dictator.’

Mark Milley said that the American soldier was willing to give up his life to protect the US Constitution. The General retires after over forty years of commendable military service. He has extensive experience in multiple overseas combat deployments. He also suffered two tumultuous years under Donald Trump, and he made frequent references to it throughout his address.

General Mark Milley Resisted Trump’s Attempts To Counter Racial Protests Using The Military

Under Trump, Mark Milley fought back against many of the maverick president’s decisions including the one to deploy troops in Washington against racial protestors. He also stopped Trump’s attempts at withdrawing all troops from Syria and Iraq. General Mark Milley frequently expressed concern over the fitness of Trump as the supreme commander of the US military. He apprehended that the then-president would also try to press the US military to block the 2020 election results. That was something Trump contemplated at one stage.

Trump let loose a tirade against General Mark Milley just a week back on his social media site, Truth Social. He branded him ‘treasonous,’ and called him a ‘woke train wreck.’ He claimed that Milley’s acts were so appalling that they would invite the death sentence at any other time. The post was interpreted as an invitation to violence against the respected general. Mark Milley had to ensure that his family was adequately protected.