Bucks V Lakers: An Injury On Debut Costs Lakers To Lose 

bucks v lakers
Bucks V Lakers

In the basketball game between Bucks V Lakers, Andre Drummond got his toe severely injured. On a Wednesday evening, Jrue Holiday scored 28 points resulting in 112-97 in favor of the Milwaukee Bucks in Los Angeles later that evening. 

Facing one of the best teams in the NBA championship, albeit, without Anthony Davis & LeBron James, Bucks survived to gain the victory. 

Drummond And His Contribution In Bucks V Lakers

The player marked four points while playing for 14 minutes. He lost his nail and it was torn off during the game’s first quarter. Brook Lopez unknowingly put his foot down on Drummond’s toe. However, he said it was almost unnoticeable and continued to play although admittedly being tormented by it.

Even after the toe incident, Drummond had his head held up high and stunned with confidence. Amidst the game between Bucks V Lakers, Frank Vogel, the coach of the Lakers wasn’t much worried. He had belief in his team and was certain of its victory. 

In the striking game, two players of The Lakers endorsed some impressive play. 19 points were scored by Montrezl Harrell, and 17 points were put on the board by Dennis Schröder. But much to their disappointment, the Bucks completed a clever rebound after a rash loss at the hands of the Clippers. 

The coach of Milwaukee, Mike Budenholzer added that the team should set its standards a bit high and should play up to that mark. He later said that the starters of the game weren’t much appreciated. 

For much of  Bucks V Lakers, some players were not present to add up their contributions to the team. Players like Bobby Portis, PJ Tucker of the Bucks, were off the field plagued by health issues, and some injuries. 

From the Lakers, Davis too missed the game for the 20th time in a row due to his injury to the right calf.