Kamala Harris Denies Fellow Democrats Claim Of Being Set Up To Fail

Katie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich

Kamala Harris refuted claims by fellow Democrats that she has been given an impossible portfolio. She asserted that she doesn’t believe that she is being set up to fail.  She speculated that the censure that centered around her year in office could be due to her being the first minority and first female to become the Vice President.

The latest polls have given a 48% approval rating. That is an admirable 20% more than the dismal 28% taken by USA Today.

Several Democrats have exempted Kamala Harris’ perceived shortcomings. They claim that she has been burdened with too difficult tasks include the contentious border issue with Mexico.

But Harris maintains that she doesn’t feel that she was fixed to be a failure. This despite a slew of criticism of her first year as VP.

Responding to assertions by colleagues that she was given virtually impossible tasks she said that she did not believe that she was doomed from the start.

Kamala Harris Asserts That She Has A Tough Job And It Isn’t An Impossible Portfolio

On being pushed to speak up about why fellow Democrats consider that she was burdened with an unmanageable portfolio, Kamala Harris said that at her level it is natural that she should be getting the tough issues, issues that could not be resolved at the lower level. And such issues are numerous.

Kamala Harris maintained that she had been used to facing difficult issues all her career and things were not much different now.

On being pressed if she considered being a minority and a woman further complicated the issue, she said that it was not for her to say. She had a job to complete and she would get it done.

The Democratic National Committee acting chair, Donna Brazile said the whole matter of turnover in Kamala Harris’s office was blown out of proportion. But she added there was the need to repurpose and renew. There have been reports of turmoil in Kamala Harris’ office as 4 aides departed.

The biggest obstacle facing Harris is the crisis at the southern border. Kamala Harris has said that her main goal continues to be the $1.75T social spending and welfare package, the Build Back Better bill.