The IRS Wants Taxpayers To Take Action Against Unpaid Stimulus Check Payments

Right about a year ago the American Rescue Plan Act was enacted to give stimulus check payments to individuals and families suffering because of the consequences of covid. But everyone hasn’t received it yet. The IRS is insisting to take immediate action against those who haven’t received all of the money that they are entitled to.

The IRS Is Taking Steps To Give All The Unpaid Stimulus Check Payments

In April 2022 the IRS addressed the media regarding the unpaid stimulus check funds. The agency urged the taxpayers to claim Child Tax Credit. This expanded Child Tax Credit is a form of stimulus check aid. The existing child tax credit was increased from $2000 to $3600 for children under the age of six and to $3000 for older children. Under the old rules, $1400 was refundable of the credit value but under the American Rescue Plan Act, they made the whole credit refundable. 

Everyone has not received their money yet and some of the parents who received monthly stimulus check payments in the year 2021 are yet to receive half of the remaining funds from the expanded credit.

One has to file a 2021 tax return in order to claim stimulus check money even though the deadline to claim stimulus check money has passed, the IRS made it clear that is still not late to submit tax returns and claim stimulus check money.   

IRS in a press release stated that the families who have paid their taxes to the IRS can still file their 2021 tax return and claim the Child Tax Credit for the year 2021 at any time within April 15, 2025.

Though a lot of time is left, still people should not wait to let go of these checks. Thus, people who are yet to file their returns for 2021 must use digital tools to fill up and give the tax forms so that the IRS can check them and let them know on their websites.