Biden Climate Talks Might Be A Major Step Towards Climate Change

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Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America is taking major steps in order to work towards the climate issue. It can be said that there is a paradigm shift from the actions taken by his predecessors. This is because he went on to invite the two world leaders to the Biden Climate talks who do not get very well along with America. They are Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader.

Biden Climate Talks Are Going To Be Big

They got invited to the meeting on climate talks. The Biden climate talks are arranged by the administration of President Joe Biden. It is to be held in the month of April. The main aim of the meeting is to work towards cooperation in order to fight the issue of global heating.

Biden climate talks are to be carried out virtually on the 22nd and the 23rd of April. This platform provides an opportunity for America to work towards climate change. The platform will be a golden opportunity for the country to shape, widen and deepen the hold of the country when it comes to cutting the pollution of fossil fuels.

The White House gave away some information with regard to the details of the summit. It is said that a total of 40 invitations were sent to different world leaders. This took place this Friday. The invited countries belong to different backgrounds, climatically. There are countries that have already begun facing the condition of the climate crisis. The other nations fall under the banner of falling between “reformist” and “ultra-polluters.” The White House also stated that president Joe Biden will be urging the leaders in the Biden climate talks to state their plan of action with regard to climate change.