Ivanka Trump Faced With Deposition In Inauguration Lawsuit Of DC Attorney General

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is the daughter and legal advisor to the President, Donald Trump. She appeared for the deposition on 1st December, Tuesday, with the investigators of Washington, DC, the office of the attorney general.

This was a part of the lawsuit that made allegations for the exploitation of the funds allotted for the inauguration, as reported in the court filing.

Ivanka Trump Deposition Details

In the month of January, the office of the attorney general of DC sued the organization of Ivanka Trump along with the Inaugural Committee of the President stating that they had misappropriated over $1 million that was raised by this charitable organization.

The funds were raised through gross overpaying for the purpose of utilizing the event venue, Trump Hotel, situated in Washington and inaugurated in the year 2017.

The process for deposing the witnesses is also under process for the last few weeks.

Tom Barrack, chairman of the committee, has also, reportedly, been deposed on 17th November.

The court filing also stated that the office of the attorney general has summoned the records of Ivanka Trump, Tom Barrack, Melania Trump as well as Rick Gates, former deputy chairman of the committee.

Ivanka Trump had tweeted a statement on the morning of Thursday with a photo of the email that was sent to her in the month of December 2016. The email shows the charge for calling for “rate market rate”.

The lawsuit states that the members of the Trump family had been paying a whopping $175,000 each day to reserve the place for 4 days.

Stephanie Wolkoff, the event planner of the committee, had advised them against the massive transactions which were double the rate of the market.