Ja Morant Turned Into An Elite Paint Presence By Explosiveness, Feel And Finesse

Ja Morant
Ja Morant

How can a 6’2” guard with his self proclaimed weight of 175lbs can become NBAs greatest paint scoring big man is one of the greatest mystery of today’s basketball.

Well, when ESPN’s interviewer asked the question to the man himself, Ja Morant in a split-second said that is because no one can perform against him.

We see the man laughing about his capabilities of sending the ball home from a three-pointer line with a clear traffic, but there probably is some truth in what he says replying to our question. The 23YO superstar of today’s NBA plays from the Memphis Grizzlies and he truly play like one.

The six foot tall guard is an asset for the Grizzlies as he is currently the leading guard in points in the paint for the last twenty-five years. He has achieved this feet by playing around, over and under some of the tallest and toughest stoppers in NBA.

Ja Morant Has Become An Elite Paint Presence:

Morant has an expressive burst of speed and his flair helps him to change direction without losing the speed is commandable. His skills of handling the ball and finesse are some other important factors of his game according to the pundits and previous legends of the game. This combined with the little hops that confuses the opponent and evidently helps in giving the ball the direction of the rim even when there are seven-footer defenders in his opposing team.

But it’s very simplistic to blame simply the extraordinary for how one of NBA’s tiniest players frequently dominates in situations when size and power generally reign supreme.

Consider this early November match in which Ja Morant demonstrates the mix of explosiveness, delicacy, feel, plus film analysis that made him an unique force inside the paint on four distinct occasions.