Andrew Yang Is No More A Democrat


Andrew Yang, one of the former Presidential candidates belonging to the Democratic Party, gave his resignation as a member of the party. He stated that the decision that he took was the right one. The American attorney, politician, and entrepreneur, hailing from the state of New York, gave the announcement over social media. It was done through a blog that was posted on his blog page. The statement made by Andrew Yang was made on the 4th of October that fell on a Monday.

Andrew Yang’s Journey

The 46-year-old now-former Democrat also gave an important piece of information with regard to his political future. He stated that he would now work as an independent politician. Andrew Yang also wrote about how he felt in doing so. He stated that all of this was extremely emotional for him at the moment. He talked about his journey with the Democratic Party. He stated that he joined the party when he was just at the age of 20. That happened in the year 1995. It was during the administration of Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States of America.

Andrew Yang wrote on his journey with the Party. He stated that he had been one of those staunch Democrats in his entire journey. This was when he was in his twenties. He also pointed out that he was more interested in “national races.” he also mentioned that he was a co-host of a fundraiser that was not grand. It was for the campaign of John Kerry. And he was 29 years old back then. He also wrote that together they raised a total of 3000 USD. Andrew Yang added that he was extremely excited when Democrat Barack Obama won the presidential election back in the year 2008 and again in the year 2012.