Jake Paul To Fight Tyron Woodley In An Upcoming Match

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Jake Paul, the American social media influencer, singer, and former boxer, is set to fight Tyron Woodley, the welterweight champion of UFC, in an upcoming match. This has been reported by a source. The former boxer recently won a match against Ben Askren, another retired UFC fighter. Askren is one of the champions of the Bellator championship. In the match, Jake Paul did not hesitate in throwing swift blows towards his opponent making it a one-sided competition. Tyron Woodley knows everything about the match as he came out to show support to Askren. 

Jake Paul Vs Former UFC Welterweight Champ

The friendship between the two opponents of Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren, goes back to their college days. The both of them attended the university in the state of Missouri where they “wrestled together” and have been “close friends” that time. As for Jake Paul, he is the record holder of 3-0 when it comes to his career.

He has won over a former player from the NBA, a former fighter from the UFC, and one of the YouTubers. When it comes to the upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, the opponent of the record holder has a similar resume to that of his former opponent. He is also a champion in wrestling who does not have much experience in the field of boxing. 

The professional journey of both Woodley and Askren is quite similar. He faced a downfall in the year 2019 when he lost to Kamaru Usman in the match of March. He had earned a couple of titles before that. As for now, he is free because he does not have any contract with UFC. This is a good chance for him if he wins against Jake Paul.    

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