Pence flouts Mayo Clinic policy by touring coronavirus testing facility without a mask

Mike Pence, Veep to President Trump, was recently spotted taking a tour of the Mayo Clinic without wearing a face mask. 

The Minnesota hospital has coronavirus restrictions such as social distancing and wearing face masks in place. Unfortunately, the Veep was seen neglecting hospital rules. 

They tweeted, “Mayo Clinic had informed @VP of the masking policy prior to his arrival today.” 

The tweet has since been taken off. When reporters inquired, the hospital authorities simply said that they had informed Mike Pence and his office of the coronavirus restrictions. 

On Tuesday, Pence came forward and defended his decision to not wear a mask. He claimed that since he is the Veep, he and his staff get tested for the virus on a daily basis. He further said that he knew he was not infected and so he wanted to look at the researchers and the medical staff in their eye and thank them.  

Sources report that Mike Pence was the only one without a mask in the entire hospital. Stephen Hahn, Head of the Food and Drug Administration, was also present during the tour. 

While at the hospital, Pence held a conference with Hahn and other Medical employees. 

Pictures released from the tour show the Veep talking to doctors and at least one patient. 

The Veep received harsh criticism from all over after the photos of the tour were released. Hawaii Senator (D), Brian Schatz, in a tweet accused him of endangering other people’s lives. 

Mike Pence is the head of the White House COVID-19 task force. He has consistently called upon the American citizens to obey the coronavirus restrictions set up by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Covering the mouth region is one of the recommendations. 

Mike Pence reassured the public, saying that he was not being negligent because he knew he did not have the disease.