Texas Governor Greg Abbott Announces Intent To Turn Down Funding For the State Legislature

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott put forward his intent to stop funding for the state legislature in a tweet on Monday. The move was made by the Governor following a walkout staged by the Democrats. All of them left the floor one after another by 10:30 PM at night. The walkout was to put a stop to the motion of the extensive election bill.

The walk-out resulted in the State House not having enough members in attendance to present and pass the bill. It was for the fourth time on Sunday that the Texas lawmakers protested against a bill by disregarding the quorum. Reacting to the incident in a statement issued by Greg Abbott pinpointed that he was deeply disappointed and concerned that the election bill received much flak from the Democrats.

Greg Abbott’s Tweet Creates An Uproar

The results of the bill would be a matter of concern. The bill would impose state violation punishment on the public officials for the mail-in voting and would also ban drive-thru voting. Governor Greg Abbott was very critical about the consequences of the decision. This bill also forbids the procedure of the 24-hour long voting system. This 24-hour long voting system was used in the 2020 election which was won by President Biden with over 56% of votes. 

Democratic Texas State Representative Gene Wu condemned Governor Greg Abbott’s intention to turn down the legislature funding. He further states that it is almost as if punishing the working class and the other support staff for their services. In addition to that, the legislation also allows the court to reverse the elections provided with the terms and conditions stated in the bill.