Jamie Lee Curtis And Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunite 28 Years After Their True Lies

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis

In a presentation in favour of Jamie Lee Curtis just at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Schwarzenegger remarked that she “can kick some real ass.”

Scwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis have come together after 30years after the memorable team-up for the movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the star of Halloween Ends snapped photoes with Jamie Lee Curtis for a photo after almost three decades of James Cameroon’s True Lies where both of these stars acted. The reunion happened in a hand-and-footprint event at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood where the two blockbuster stars of the showbiz shared a friendly kiss between them as they celebrated Jamie Lee Curtis’ accomplishment.

Schwarzenegger played a top secret spy in the film true lies who was noted saying that when one goes online, and they check for Jamie Lee Curtis, they will see some amazing things they are saying about the actor. However, there is always a problem that Arnold himself did not liked is that they say Curtis was a supporting role in the film.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Reunion With Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Schwarzenegger said that Jamie Lee Curtis was the female lead in the movie True Lies anything. He said that he thinks Curtis is an extraordinary actress and she has been in her extensive career.

Melanie Griffith also showed up at the occasion to talk about Jamie Lee Curtis. They had been friends for a very long time and co-starred in the 1981 army comic She’s inside the Army Now.

Following the event, Jamie Lee Curtis have spoken with Entertainment Tonight well about significance of the award for herself and how it made her feel when her old co-stars publicly praised her. She claimed that her and Schwarzenegger could collaborate on another movie.