Ted Cruz Says The He Regrets Leaving A Freezing Texas

ted cruz
ted cruz

Ted Cruz, the Senator of R-Texas, had fled to Cancun in Mexico when Texas was freezing. It is the worst snowstorm the State has ever been hit with. His trip with his family was taken at the most crucial time, as Texans all over were suffering from no water, power, or heat. The Senator now admits that going for a vacation was “obviously a mistake.” He acknowledged that he regrets the trip. 

Sen. Ted Cruz returned to his house in Houston, Texas. There he was met by several protestors who were chanting for him to “resign” his position. He said that he went with his family for a trip to make his daughters happy. The news of the family vacation went viral following images of him and his family members standing near a gate, ready to board a flight. Social media began a frenzy of anger in reaction. The news became public on Wednesday. The office had not responded to any requests for comments. But Ted Cruz himself released a statement following his arrival. 

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Statement 

Ted Cruz said that him going away on vacation with his family in such trying times was “obviously a mistake” and that “in hindsight,” he would not have done it. He added that he “understands” the reason people are now upset. He said that he “did not feel right” that he was leaving when several “Texans were hurting.” So he “flew back” by changing his return ticket on the first flight available. 

Following the denial of comments from his office, he gave a statement. He said that his family too “had lost power.” He said he wanted to play “good dad” and take his daughters on a trip with their friends. And that he and his team were having “constant communications” with their local and state leaders.