The US Veterans Are Calling Joe Biden To Help In Asylum Case Of The Afghan Soldier

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

An alliance of the veterans of the US has come together to call Joe Biden, the president to step in the Afghan soldeir’s case who helped the US forces and fought for the US in his country. The Afghan soldier who fought with the armed forces of US against the terrorist organization in Afghanistan has now been asked to deport from the country the US-Mexico border forces obstructed him at the border.

Abdul Wasi Safi or more commonly known as Wasi was arrested by the border patrol of US in the US-Mexico border area in last September while crossing the border with some other migrants. The US Veterans group has written a letter to the president, Joe Biden where they said how the Afghan national in question was fighting faithfully alongside them in their operation forces back in Afghanistan and he kept supporting the American resistance against the terrorist organization in the country.

US Veterans Come Together To Call Joe Biden To Handle The Afghan Soldier Case:

Wasi was instantly in risk of being persecuted by the terrorist organization, Taliban in Afghanistan and was compelled to run for his life, he travelled from one hideout to another until he reached Pakistan, according to the letter. The soldier was even unable to board a flight away from Afghanistan before the United States finished its pullout.

As per that letter from the alliance of US veterans advocating for Safi, arriving in Pakistan was his initial step in his journey to come to America.

The letter to Joe Biden also states how the Afghan national travelled through ten countries either by bus or by foot surviving constant attacks on his life and more to seek a shelter in the States. However, what he has found so far has been quite the opposite from his expectations, the letter said. Thus, Safi’s American friends from his country who are now a respected group of people in their country have pleaded their president, Joe Biden to take care of their friend’s situation.





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