January 6 Committee Pushing Back On The Pence And Closing The Door On This Potential Testimony

January 6 committee January 6 Investigation

The January 6 committee is investigating about the incident even now. On Wednesday, in this process the committee has pushed back on the recent comments of the ex-vice president who has reigned in the Trump era, Mr. Mike Pence, according to who the Congressional house has no right for this testimony from him, and that he will be shutting the door up on this matter.

The January 6 Committee’s vice chairperson and chairperson Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson in theor joint statement have said that their committee and selection has respectfully proceeded in the interaction with the erstwhile vice president and thus, it is disappointing that the former VP is simply misrepresenting their meeting and the investigation done by their committee in the process.

The January 6 Committee has constantly been singing praises for the VP’s refusal to the erstwhile president, mr. Trump’s constant pressures, to count the votes on the 6th of January according to the statement of the committee’s chairperson.

The January 6 Committee Has Been Pushing Back On Mike Pence’s Comments:

However, when asked the VP Mr. Pence on if he wants to talk with the January 6 committee before they wrap their investigation up, he said that he will be shutting his doors on them. However, he added that the natural partisan of them (the investigators) has been disappointing for him.

Also, the former vice president doubled down on the comments in the last Wednesday telling that Congress is not bound to report to the White House and vice verse.

Pence said that despite being troubled by “the political tone” of the January 6 committee, he never prevented his top staff from complying with and reporting before the body.

According to a prior CNN story, the committee and Pence’s attorney had spoken over whether or not the vice president would testify. Among the panel’s public sessions during the summer was devoted to the government crackdown Pence experienced before to the assault on the US Capitol and featured evidence from a number of his closest advisers.