Young Thug Talks About His Favorite Punk Songs

Young Thug
Young Thug

Although Young Thug keeps churning out plenty of gems from his sophomore album, there are a few songs he is extremely fond of. The rapper shared these thoughts in an appearance on Friday at Hot 97, when the hosts of the show, DJ Bobby Trends, and TT Torrez asked the rapper which of the Punk tracks made him the happiest- as far as the lyrics for the songs go. Considering the discography of the rapper, it can be understood why he took some time before giving his answer. 

Young Thug’s Album Has Finally Released

At the 10.00 mark, Young Thug mentioned a song called ‘Road Rage’. After that, he was asked to name the cut which was his favorite- where he stated that his favorite song was probably ‘Drive Slow’ or ‘Stupid/Asking’. The track for ‘Stupid/Asking’ was co-produced by Metro Boomin- a frequent collaborator, while the former track which served as the opener for Punk, featured the production of Charlie Handsome.

When asked about the tracks which suited the playlists best, Thugger named Scoliosis with Lil Double O and Bubbly, which featured Travis Scott and Drake. 

Young Thug also seemed to be in agreement with the interviewer when he stated that he inspired the flows of all the artists that were featured on the album. He spoke particularly about hearing the verse of J.Cole for the first time for the song ‘Stressed’. He noticed how Cole had perfectly got down the same subject matter as well as the cadence. Thug had started teasing his latest album as it hit streaming services at midnight Friday- after two years of him constantly talking about it. 

About his latest album, Young Thug mentioned that Punk was all about real-life stories, for the entire album was real and completely unadulterated.