January 6 Select Committee Formed To Investigate The Insurrection

January 6 Select Committee
January 6 Select Committee

The House of Representatives took a measure to get into the details of the deadly riot that broke out in the Capitol building on the day the election commission was to officialize the 2020 Presidential election win of Joe Biden as the President of the United States of America. It voted in order to form a January 6 Select Committee that will investigate the matters in detail. The voting took place this Wednesday. 

Pelosi On The January 6 Select Committee 

The total votes that were calculated with regard to the committee were 222-190. Only 2 politicians belonging to the Republican party came forth to join the Democrats in for the January 6 Select Committee.  They included Liz Cheney, the Representative hailing from Wyoming, and Representative Adam Kinzinger belonging to the state of Illinois. Before the voting was initiated, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House gave a heartfelt speech at the House. The Democratic speaker stated that she was utterly saddened that the concerned committee could not be formed by both parties. She had hoped for a bipartisan committee. She further stated that she will not lose hope over her wishes for a bipartisan committee. But for now, it was imperative for Congress to go with a January 6 Select Committee. 

Nancy Pelosi further stated that the investigations that are to take place will be done with a spirit of patriotism and dignity. She also stressed that it was extremely important for the citizens of America to know the facts. The Democratic speaker went on to take the initiative to establish the January 6 Select Committee as the Senators belonging to the Republican party deliberately put a block on the formation of a commission that would be bipartisan in nature. The Republicans did it by using the rule of the filibuster.