Lisa Murkowski Censured For Voting Yes To Impeach Trump

Lisa Murkowski
Lisa Murkowski

Alaskan GOP has censured a member of their own, Sen. Lisa Murkowski for voting in favor to impeach former President Donald Trump at his trial for impeachment that happened last month. The Republican Party of Alaska now claims that they do not wish Lisa Murkowski to run for next year’s election. This was announced late this Tuesday, March 16th by a member of the Republican Party’s state central committee.

Tuckerman Babcock said in the statement this Tuesday, “The party does not want Lisa Murkowski to be a Republican candidate.” The censure vote against Senator Lisa stood at 53-17 at a meeting on Saturday, March 13th in Anchorage. The decision was clear since the meeting but the public announcement was made only this Tuesday.

Lisa Murkowski Convicts Trump At Impeachment Trial

Several officials are of the opinion that this is a watershed moment in determining the future of the Republican party in Alaska. Sen. Murkowski has been a part of the Senate for almost two decades since 2002. Before her, it was her father, Frank Murkowski, who was a representative of the state since 1981.

There have been no further comments from Murkowski since the announcement on Tuesday. The senator’s spokesperson, Hannah Ray said to the press that she would not be available for a press update on the day. However, press sources suggest that Senator Lisa Murkowski was anticipating such a censure. While talking to the press last month, she had mentioned that it was possible that she will be censured by members of her own party for deciding to convict Trump at his impeachment trial.

She had earlier said in a statement, “They can make that statement. But…my obligation is to support the Constitution that I have pledged to uphold, and I will do that.”