Jared Leto Spotted Scaling Wall In Berlin

Jared Leto
Jared Leto

Once again, Jared Leto’s odd behavior has made headlines. This time, the actor was observed scaling the hotel walls in Berlin without any safety gear or technical support. The internet has been abuzz with a video showing the same thing.

It’s not the first instance the actor has acted oddly.

His well-known reputation for taking methods of acting too seriously is one example. His life-size cat appearance at this year’s Met Gala, probably emulating event honoree Karl Lagerfeld’s renowned cat Choupette, was a recent example of his unconventional attitude. The internet has been buzzing with a video of Jared Leto scaling the hotel walls in Berlin.

Jared Leto Scaling Wall Without Harness

As he climbs the wall, the actor can be seen sporting a casual outfit of cargo trousers and an enormous black shirt. Leto could be observed considering his choices with each step while maintaining his ascent composure. As he made an effort to go closer to the wall, he occasionally shifted sides as well. He carefully descended and eventually rested on the ledge of a ground-story window. The actor participated in this activity without wearing a safety harness or any other protective gear. 

The actor, who was most recently seen in the 2022 movie Morbius, is presently filming his forthcoming projects. Leto’s spontaneous climb might have been a part of his rigorous method of acting training, which is probably the case given that the actor was rehearsing a scene that involved smoke shots. Similar to his presentation at the Met Gala earlier this month, it cannot be ruled out that this episode was simply Jared being Jared. 

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