Jason Sudeikis On His Experience With Breaking Up With Olivia Wilde

Jason Sudeikis
Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis, the popular American actor, is currently keeping his romantic relationship hidden from the world, while Olivia Wilde, his ex-girlfriend, is not doing so. She seems like she is extremely happy with her new boyfriend, Harry Styles, one of the most popular music artists in the world. Sources got hold of them celebrating the fourth of July. The two were celebrating the day on a yacht over the weekend. The 45-year-old actor is currently dating Keeley Hazell, a British model. Despite everything, the “We’re The Millers” actor went on to share the experiences he went through when he broke up with his 37-year-old ex-girlfriend.

Jason Sudeikis’ Lessons

From his statement, Jason Sudeikis pointed towards the fact that he is not completely over the fact that he broke up with the “Don’t Worry Darling” artist. He is still in the process of getting over things. And he cannot figure out what exactly went down in the relationship that he had with the actress. The actor stated that he will understand things in a better manner after a year of the breakup and a little more after two years. And as time goes by, he will have a clear vision of things.

Not only that but Jason Sudeikis also spoke on the effect that ex-lover Olivia Wilde will have on his life with time. He claimed that she will go from being a very important part to absolutely nothing. To say in his language, Olivia Wilde will go from being a book in the life of the “Horrible Bosses” artist to just being “a doodle.” and all this will take place with time. 

The actor seemed quite open about his relationship and experiences. He did not deny the fact that his breakup was very difficult for him to accept. But Jason Sudeikis also stated that he thinks of this as an opportunity to learn because with every experience comes to a lesson only if the person makes the choice to go for it.  

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