Harry Styles Says One Direction Enriched His Career

harry styles
harry styles

The recently conducted Grammys had Harry Styles as one of the winners. His former bandmate Liam Payne was proud of the achievement. The two had once been together in the band One Direction.

Liam Payne said this in an Instagram post on Monday. Harry had received the award in the Best Pop Solo category. Liam had posted along with a meme on how proud he felt at his “brother’s” award. Both of them are currently 27 years of age.

Harry Styles And Liam Payne’s Brotherhood

Their boyband One Direction broke up back in 2015. However, Harry Styles and Payne had remained the best of friends throughout. All members of the band had pursued single careers after the band. This was the first time Style was at the Grammys for One Direction had never been nominated for it.

The voice behind “Watermelon Song” admitted that the band breaking up was a natural step of evolution in everyone’s life. He said that he never regretted being a part of the band, unlike many other artists whose bands break apart. The band had a notable song with the title “Steal My Girl”.

Harry Styles continued that the band was a completely unknown experience for him. He continued that he tried to gain the most he could from his time there. Harry is the first male to feature solo on the Vogue magazine. For the picture, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci had made a tuxedo jacket and a lace-trimmed dress for him.

Payne had expressed his delight at the feature again. He said that he believes Styles is currently enjoying life with all the freedom he has. He further praised his ex-bandmate for never losing himself. He said they even after getting to see him after not being in contact after a long time, Styles was the same.