Jay Bilas Reveals His Assessment Of College Basketball For 21-22

jay bilas
jay bilas

ESPN’s top college basketball expert Jay Bilas is widely acknowledged for his thorough knowledge of the game and also his professionalism coated in a clever style. The Bilas Index has come to be recognized as the most comprehensive assessment of accomplishment in college basketball.

The TBI is derived from a thorough detailed evaluation of on-court sorting of game performances and data analytics, and not just merely results. All the data gleaned is crunched through the sharply analytical brain of Jay Bilas with his grasp of every nuance of the game and his basketball intellect. Despite his achievements, he remains incredibly humble.

There have been varied results from the season. While several team performances have been outstanding, there have been some incredible letdowns and some superlative brilliant individual performances.

There have also been some incredibly disappointing results with highly vaunted teams underperforming. But such rollercoasters are expected in college basketball.

Baylor had to endure much personnel loss after bulldozing to the national championship in 2021, but the Baylor Bears have managed to maintain a strong defense, maintaining an all-win record in the initial 13 games.

Drew Timme and E.J. Liddell of Ohio State are enjoying an All-America season, so is Keegan Murray of Iowa.

A stark wake-up call is the lack of freedom of movement. It has been a foul season of physical challenges that have reduced games into hockey games. Clear fouls targeting shooters close to the basket, ball screen hedging, and blowing up dribble hand-offs are being ignored and are harming the beauty of the game. Throwing a chest at a shooter is allowed and as such blatant actions are being condoned by officials, coaches are training their wards in such fouling techniques. This has led to more physical and dull games all around.

Jay Bilas List Includes Freshman Who Should Make A Strong Impact In The Current Season

Jay Bilas has assessed which freshman could be must-watch players this season. The ESPN analyst shared a list of the Top 10 freshmen in the country leading into the opening games. Jay Bilas’ rankings include a handful of the highest-rated recruits from 2021, but there are also some intriguing names on the list.

Some of the freshmen named by Jay Bilas have proved their worth and are in the thick of the action. Keels and Banchero, a freshman at Duke have contributed majorly to the win of Kentucky.

Memphis freshman duo, Duran and Bates are also strong in their debut and have scored 32 points and grabbed 10 rebounds as the Tigers routed Tennessee Tech 89-65. All the freshmen in Jay Bilas’s list will be sure to make a major impact as the college basketball season moves into top gear.

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