Hurricane Hanna weakens to a tropical storm after making landfall in southern Texas

Hurricane Hanna has finally transformed into a storm that is making segway into Texas- bringing with itself massive rains, and flood warnings. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott mentioned, “This challenge is complicated and made even more severe, seeing that it is sweeping through an area that is the most challenged area in the state for Covid-19.”

Padre Island was the region where Hurricane Hanna first made landfall. This is near Corpus Christi, according to the National Hurricane Centre. Being the first hurricane in the Atlantic, it was sustaining winds close to 90 mph, registering it as a high-end Category 1 Hurricane.

On Sunday morning, the hurricane settled into a tropical storm with the winds blowing it at 50 mph. The storm would be moving from Texas to Mexico, and could later turn into a tropical depression as it moves inland even more.

While the projected rain is supposed to be close 3 or 4 inches every area, there are some places that might get more rainfall, while some might get as low as 2 to 3 inches of it. As Governor Abbott has declared a state of disaster in 30 counties of the state, he has also asked people to not forget that the virus is still present.