Jeb Bush States His Opinion On The Issue Of DC Politics

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush, the presidential candidate from the Republican party for the 2016 elections, gave a statement with regard to the politics of DC. He stated that the politics of DC was being focused too much. This comes during the time when there is a battle going in the conference of the House Republican. The battle is taking place among those people who are of the belief that Liz Cheney, the Representative from the state of Wyoming, is no more welcome in the party. 

Jeb Bush Wants Less Focus On DC Politics

The former governor from the state of Florida, Jeb Bush, gave the above statement as a response to the assertion made by Jay Nordlinger, the editor of National Review.  Questions had been asked about the conditions of the members of the GOP. The editor had claimed to Jeb Bush that there was a “personal non-gratia” in the Republican party as of now, and that was Liz Cheney. Nordlinger also made the mention of Elise Stefanik. The editor took to the social media platform, Twitter, in order to make those claims. 

Following this, Jeb Bush gave a reply on the same platform. In his tweet, he talked about the existence of politics outside of Washington DC. He claimed the fact that there were other conservatives who were carrying out their responsibilities quite well. The Republican asked him to have a look at those who were working hard enough without getting involved in the politics of Washington DC.  

The vote of Liz Cheney in order to impeach the former President of the country Donald Trump led to a campaign demanding her resignation. However, the Republican Representative survived it with the support of Kevin McCarthy, the House Leader. But this does not mean that things are going smoothly in her life. She has been abandoned by a number of her colleagues who have started favoring Elise Stefanik instead.