Andrew Cuomo To Be Investigated For Another Possible Offence

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state of New York is falling further into the pit of more controversies. It has been confirmed that the Attorney General of the state has taken the decision of widening the investigation on the issue of the vaccines against the coronavirus. They will be carrying out an investigation with regard to the possibility of the governor pushing the vaccine access only for political gains. 

Did Andrew Cuomo Politicize Vaccination?

As per reports, the Attorney general in charge will be investigating if the advisor of the Democratic governor used the vaccines in exchange for political support that was to be provided to Cuomo. One of the news platforms had a talk on the current situation of Andrew Cuomo. The allegations surrounding him were discussed. It was stated in the show that it was no time for the politicians belonging to the Democratic party to abandon their support towards the New York Governor.

They also stated that he was not good both for the state and the country. The speakers also brought out the fact that the accused was still under the protection of the Democratic party. The speakers also condemned the action of the mainstream media for glorifying the leadership of the accused as the New York Governor during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Andrew Cuomo has taken the decision to remain in office despite the several allegations that are made against him. Those include the allegation of sexual harassment by several women, the scandal of the nursing home, and now the coronavirus vaccine scandal. There was a press conference of Andrew Cuomo that was held in the month of March. The Democratic governor had given a statement back then saying that he was not afraid of the reviews and the investigations. He further claimed that he had no intentions of resigning.