Jeff Saturday’s Decision Left Questioning His Judgement

Jeff Saturday

Jeff Saturday’s decision for his team not to care about the Timeout cost them a match. They lost to Pittsburgh Steelers. Not everyone is happy with Jeff Saturday’s judgment at the final moment. His answer shocked the majority, he didn’t think the time was of the essence at that moment.

Jeff Saturday Explains His Decision for Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts lost the match to Pittsburgh Steelers,24-17. Jeff Saturday who is the interim head coach made a such decision that cost him the game, the majority says. The Colts took all three timeout shots.

Jeff Saturday later explained why he did that, they had a good scope before and they used it, later when they needed more he personally thought they would make it even if they don’t use it. He is disappointed that the match didn’t turn out as they expected. He thought they had time and would get more timeouts. They were in a striking distance as Jeff said. The pressure wasn’t that much, so his team didn’t take it.

Indianapolis Colts still had 59 seconds in their hand, but still, they didn’t take the shot. When they needed full-fledged force they slowed down.

Jonathan Taylor was stopped for no such gain on a third and 3, though he ran when they only had 30 seconds left. And according to Jeff Saturday his player snapped the ball later than on desired time. He would have liked it more if Matt Ryan snapped it a bit earlier. There comes a question of miscommunication between the coach and the player, which Jeff Saturday didn’t respond to.

On the fourth down on an attempted to throw it was well covered by Parris Campbell, but Pittsburgh took over and won by 24-17.