Jennifer Lopez Revisits Her Sad Past

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez believes in love, and so do we. She believed in herself and conquered her pain, making her the strong person she had become. She announced her studio album ‘This is Me Now’.

Jennifer Lopez Dedicated Her New Album To Her Husband

Jennifer Lopez’s new album ‘This Is Me Now’  is dedicated to her husband, whom she married in august. Last year on Jennifer Lopez’s birthday Ben Affleck proposed to her and she said yes. After a year they tied the knot in an intimate gathering in Hollywood. And she is immensely grateful to god. This album continues the 2002 album ‘This is me Then’.She faced heartbreak and a lot of emotional turbulence over the period. And as Jennifer Lopez says don’t give up on love.

She has found her love after two decades and she couldn’t be happier. The previous comments focus on Jennifer Lopez’s breakup with Affleck in 2002, after they got engaged but called off their engagement. It was hard on her, she couldn’t move on for a long period, and afterward, she faced bad breakups and failed relationship with her ex-husband.

This album totally focuses on Jennifer Lopez’s life after marrying Ben Affleck. Once she gave up on him, their relationship didn’t work out the way they wanted back then. They parted ways and moved on with their lives, as she says she didn’t give up on him. She is so much in love and satisfied that she got her forever. But the breakup with Ben Affleck in 2002, was the biggest heartbreak of her life, and for the next 18 years, she couldn’t fix herself. And the previous album ‘This is me then’ was elaborating on her heartbreak. And most of the Hollywood through Affleck and Lopez would never happen again, but here they are.

Jennifer Lopez further shares what her husband thinks of her new album, Ben Affleck knows every word and he was there from the beginning of this album when she started making it. Ben Affleck has been showering Jennifer Lopez with so much love that can be heard in her words. And she claims her husband is her biggest fan. He has inspired her so much and changed her perspective on life.

However, since the announcement of her new album, she hasn’t commented on the specific date.