Jen Psaki Clarifies Joe Biden’s Threat Against ISIS-K

Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

The press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki, went on to clarify last Friday that the deadly threat issued by Joe Biden to terrorists was not theoretical. This threat was directed toward the terrorists who killed 13 service members in a Kabul suicide bombing attack.

In a press briefing, the press secretary stated that the POTUS had already made it very clear that he doesn’t want the terrorists to live on earth anymore. This came as a response to a press briefing when Psaki was asked to clarify Biden’s claim that he had positioned to strike back at the ISIS affiliate group. 

Jen Psaki On ISIS-K: We Won’t Let Them Exist

Jen Psaki referred to Biden’s address where he stated that America never forgot those who wished American harm. Also, they would never forgive or forget these terrorists, as they hunt them and make them pay. The White House later declined to provide further details on how they have been planning to retaliate after the terror attack took place on Thursday. But it should be pretty clear what Biden implied from Psaki’s clarification. 

In his formal address to the nation, Joe Biden mentioned that he had authorized the US Military to strike at important ISIS assets, facilities, and leadership groups. He further added that they would be responding with force and precision at a time which would be of their choosing, and at a period of time of their choosing. Along with Jen Psaki, General Kenneth McKenzie Jr., the head of the U.S Central Command, stated that the US was preparing for future assaults. 

In the press briefing along with Jen Psaki, Gen. McKenzie stated that he believed it was probably their desire to go along with those attacks- and the US Military was more than ready to deal with the ensuing attacks.