A Full Update: The Weeknd and The Super Bowl

The Weeknd
The Weeknd

Halfway through the headlining set at the Super Bowl LV, the beginning strains of ‘I Feel It Coming’ start smashing the audible in the background along with the follow-up round of fireworks waiting to light up the night of Tampa. The Weeknd has temporarily broken his superstar character in order to give a bit of chuckle and wink to the cameras.

Abel Tesfaye is his real name and used to record subterranean mixtapes that had filthy lyrics and was rejected by the radio. On the other hand, now The Weeknd has come out of his shell and rejected anonymity to embrace his popularity that has reached a 100 million viewership.

A Superstar Performance By The Weeknd

In the past 10 years, The Weeknd has had several hits considered ad the biggest ever. His journey to the biggest stage of television was unlikely since he had started following mid-1910s central to pop.

Tesfaye has revived and relived his past fetishes and shared with the people sitting at home and watching the Super Bowl on 7th February, Sunday on a global platform. He went through several of his hits during his 14-minute long performance. His performance was a strong argument for him to have one of the best catalogs among the other modern pop artists.

The Weeknd also stated that he did not invite any guests for his Sunday performance at the Super Bowl. This is due to the reason that there was not enough space for him to share it with anybody. Additionally, his stardom predominantly relied on solo journey and narrative. He always came across as a lone wolf and achieved everything alone.

His performance is viral with netizens who are in awe of the set and fireworks throughout his performance.

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