NYSE:MA Has A Price Target Of $412


The stocks of NYSE:MA has been given a price target of around $412, which was increased from $377 in a Tuesday research report. Currently, the firm has a rating of overweight on the stocks of this company. The price target set by Morgan Stanley set for this company could be indicative of a potential increase in the company’s price by around 7.92%. 

The Stock Commentary of NYSE:MA

The stocks of NYSE:MA has been under the radar of several research equities. Robert W. Baird has confirmed that the company would have a rating of buy and published it in a 28th February research report. Raymond James has also increased the price target of the company from $345 to $371, along with an outperform rating in a 29th January research note.

Truist Financial also noted the increase in the price target of the company from $415 to $450 in a 5th March research report. Seaport Global Securities put up a rating of buy, along with a price target of $370 on the stocks of the company. In the end, Deutsche Bank ended up with a price target for NYSE:MA increased to $420 with a rating of buy in a 14th January research note. 

Four of the investment analysts have already given the stocks of the company a rating of hold, while twenty-eight of them have given the company a rating of buy. NYSE:MA enjoys a price target of $364.53, along with a buy rating. 

The stocks of NYSE:MA traded on Tuesday at $381.76. The year low of the firm has been $199.99, while the year high has been set at $389.50. The moving average price of the company over 50 days is $346.06, while the moving average price of the company over 200 days is $338.07. The debt-to-equity ratio of this company is 2.15, with a 1.85 quick ratio.

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