Toxic Jenna Bush Hager And Justin Sylvester Drama Explained

Jenna Bush Hager

On the Today show, Justin Sylvester explained why he pushed Jenna Bush Hager away from him.

When viewers were watching chef Andy Baraghani roast a chicken on Wednesday’s program (10 August), they saw the presenter, who was guest co-hosting, shrug Jenna Bush Hager’s hand off his shoulder and then gently move her away from him.

Jenna Bush Hager, 40, giggled at Sylvester’s antics and repeatedly glanced in the direction of the camera.

Justin Sylvester Supposedly Pushed Jenna Bush Hager

At one point, Jenna Bush Hager also asked Sylvester, 35, whether he wanted her to go. Viewers found the scene unsettling, and it generated a discussion on consent and physical touch.

Even some viewers urged suspending Jenna Bush Hager. Sylvester has now clarified the situation, claiming on Instagram that the two were joking and that the allegations that he felt uncomfortable with Hager—who he called the “nicest” person—are untrue.

Instead, he claimed that the two were playfully fawning over Baraghani and claimed that people “were leaping to conclusions.”

Regarding allegations that he felt uneasy, Sylvester stated on his Instagram Stories on Friday, August 12: “That is not the truth. We were both flirting, that is what we were doing. Well, I was pushing the waitress aside so I could have a one-on-one session with the chef because I thought he was cute. “I hate that people are taking that out of context,” he concluded.

Sylvester is best known for being the co-host of the E! television show Daily Pop with Morgan Stewart. Baraghani, who was featured on the program, had just published a book titled The Cook You Want to Be.