Emma Raducanu Gushes Over Her Forever Role Model Serena Williams

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu

Before making her debut at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, Emma Raducanu addressed questions from the media while comically holding her head in her hands.

Are you feeling the pressure? is a question that local journalists frequently ask her in her press conferences these days and that has accompanied her to every stop on her tour. A player who completed one of the most incredible grand slam victory runs in recent years yet has gone 13-17 after winning the US Open as a qualifier may possibly find it appropriate to bring up the subject, but she is also frustrated as she attempts to gain experience and handle all of the necessary stages.

Emma RaducanuIs Honored To Play Against Serena

That journey’s subsequent leg will be unforgettable. She will take the court against Serena Williams on Monday night in what is probably the last leg of the American’s farewell tour, the first featured match of this year’s event. That privilege belongs to her because several players from her generation have openly expressed their desire for Williams to join their sections.

Serena has been the transcendent, imposing presence over tennis for the past 20 years, and Emma Raducanu has never known tennis without her. When Emma Raducanu was born, Williams held the top spot, had won four grand slam titles, and had already established a hall of fame career. Their only substantial encounter prior to Williams’ name being chosen next to her was the few minutes they spent practicing on nearby courts in Toronto last week before the practice was abruptly interrupted due to weather, and a few quick hellos in the halls.

When Williams was taken to Wimbledon with her coach and another young aspirant player when Emma Raducanu was approximately seven years old, she claimed, it was her most vivid recollection of Williams.