Jennifer Garner On Her Plan Of Dancing With Ex-Husband Affleck At Her Daughter’s Wedding

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner, the American actress, had given a sad statement on divorcing her husband, Ben Affleck. The divorce took place in the year 2015 just a day after the 10th wedding anniversary of the couple. The actress had stated that following the divorce, her dream of dancing at the wedding of their daughter with husband Affleck, was shattered. This statement came from her, a year after the unfortunate incident.

However, things are all better now. The 48-year-old actor displayed a fresh perspective on the situation. She recently attended an interview where she spoke on the same issue. Jennifer Garner stated that she has no worries about dancing at her daughter’s wedding anymore. She said it when a sense of confidence that she will have a nice dance with ex-husband Ben Affleck on the day.

Jennifer Garner On Her Kids

A new movie starring Jennifer Garner, Yes Day, has recently been released. She has been successfully co-parenting her kids with Ben Affleck after the divorce. They have three kids. They are Violet who is 15 years old, Seraphina aged 12, and a 9-year-old Samuel.

The actress spoke about the days she went through with her kids during the time of Affleck’s infidelities. She stated that she used to tell their kids to ignore whatever news they encountered about their father in magazines. Jennifer Garner would tell them that they would tackle everything together as a family. She also stated that she would always tell them that she was with them no matter what. And that no matter what happens, they will never be left alone.

The actress has been successful in protecting her kids from the paparazzi. She herself managed to remain offline in order to do so. She pointed out the fact that there is no single family photo in her house. The reason for this is because her kids are horrified by cameras.

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